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My Personal Experience with Outdoor Activities and Mental Health

With the summer closely approaching and the local temperature rising, I have had the opportunity to spend more time outdoors in the sun, taking walks, and appreciating the natural world around me. With this increased outdoor time, I have seen a massive improvement to my personal mental health, and I wanted to write a short blog post to reflect on my experience.

As I have been going on some of these walks, I find that I am able to spend some time quietly reflecting on my thoughts, considering and appreciating the nature around me, and noticing small details around my neighbourhood that I may have originally missed. For instance, I might notice the way the sunlight bounces off the roof tiles, a small sapling slowly growing, its leaves dappled in the evening sunset, or small mushroom growths at the local park. Noticing these little things has helped me appreciate the moment, the natural world around me, and the beauty of the universe that I am inherently happy to be a part of. I find that taking time to notice these small details on my walks has helped me stay mindful and grounded, refocus my thoughts, clear my mind, and reduce my anxiety to prepare for a stressful and busy week, or simply to help cope with day-to-day hassles.

I wanted to share this experience in hopes that someone else might resonate with my thoughts, or might try to go outside today and enjoy the beautiful natural world that surrounds us every day.

Nature is a beautiful constant in my life, that will always be there for me when everything else seems to be chaotic and unpredictable. This is a notion that provides me great comfort and helps me find a quiet, mindful spot in the busy culture of contemporary society.

I hope that whoever reads this has a great day, and hopefully spends a bit of mindful, contemplative, reflective time outside if their local weather and schedule permit them to do so. Wishing you all a happy and relaxing June!


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