How the Negative Effects of Bullying Can Impact Both Teens’ Mental and Physical Health

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Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik In recent years, there has been increasing discussion about the detrimental impact of bullying on individuals’ mental health, persisting even years after the incidents occur. Bullying encompasses unwanted aggressive behaviors such as cyberbullying, physical bullying, emotional bullying, verbal harassment, and discrimination based on factors like disability, religion, gender identity, and […]

What is Mental Health Stigma?

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For many people, mental health may seem like a simple topic but it is often associated with many nuances and misunderstandings. One of the most popular is the exchange of mental health or mental illness information in our daily conversations. According to the WHO, mental health is defined as a state of mental well-being that […]


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In a world that often celebrates flawlessness and achievement, the pressure to be perfect can feel discouraging. For the many who have grappled with perfectionism, at first, we never knew it. It’s hidden in the competitiveness of our modern culture. The constant striving for impossible standards, the fear of failure, and the never-ending cycle of […]

Pondering on Positive Psychology

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Hello, and welcome to another blog post! I hope everyone has spent a wonderful spring break resting, recuperating, and spending time with their loved ones. Today, I wanted to write a blog post about one of my favourite topics within the field of psychology: Positive Psychology! Positive Psychology emphasizes psychological states such as joy, character […]