You Are Worth It

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Jadyn and Shae – Students at Western Canada High School Recently, I had the opportunity to interview twin sisters, Jadyn and Shae. They are currently in grade ten at Western Canada and are advocates for mental health awareness. There will be a small amount of talk surrounding suicide and a mention of self-harm. If this […]

Mental Health on Campus

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Pasindu Wickramarachchi – Student at the University of Calgary Meet Pasindu Wickramarachchi, a student at the University of Calgary studying Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology who wants to create a safer and more comfortable space for students to discuss mental health issues. Why is mental health important to you? Personally, mental health was something that […]

Keep Running

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Carly Dean – Student at Western Canada High School The subject of this interview is Carly Dean, a twelfth grade student, born and raised in Calgary. A successful athlete, partial IB student with two of the hardest higher level subjects, and one of the most outgoing people you will ever meet, most are surprised when […]

Interview with Marybeth Mulligan

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Marybeth Mulligan – Counsellor at Bishop Carroll High School On November 14, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Marybeth Mulligan, a counsellor at Bishop Carroll High School. Ms. Mulligan has worked for many years as a counsellor, an educator and as a mental health advocate. In addition to counselling, she is a powerful figure […]