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Let’s Stay Motivated!

It’s so hard these days to stay motivated. I myself have found it even tougher with the lockdown and the COVID-19 rules in place. Even so motivation can be immensely difficult to keep whether you suffer from depression or just having a bad day, motivation is quite tough to keep up. Listed below are six key methods to staying motivated.

Set realistic and small goals: this can be quite beneficial. Most goals usually fail. One reason, at least for me is because I look at the big picture and not the mural of imagery that achieves it. Small attainable goals can create a mosaic for your long term goal. Here is an example: wanna learn how to draw start with hands everyday draw hands, tired of drawing hands? Draw feet, eventually you can draw people. Just an example. Everything takes time just know that, that time is worth it.

Create a schedule: Let’s say you wanna start exercising, starting with a daily schedule. Make a space whether an hour or two or just a half an hour and dedicate it to some form of workout. Maybe you do weightlifting, but you are more tired than usual that day, maybe just maybe key up a yoga video and do some relaxing yoga. It’s still helpful and stretching out your body, but it can be a much more relaxing and soothing experience when tired. Or do an exercise routine that day that is much easier rather than do nothing, or consider it a necessary break day. 

Practice positive self talk: self talk is the voice in your head that can either say positive or negative things about yourself. When you need motivation imagine a friend that is confiding in you that they are having a difficult time imagine what you might say to them. Something like you can do this, if anyone can do it I know it’s you! Or something along those lines then be that friend!! You are the person who decided what you can and cannot do, so tell your brain you got this and that YOU WILL BE POSITIVE. Or at least try your best. You could even look up compliments beforehand and just tell them to yourself. Once again act like you are motivating a close friend or love one, then be that person.

Reinvent distractions: Are you addicted to Netflix? Or watching Youtube or TV? Well if your addiction is so how about taking it on the road! By which I mean take your distraction with you. Sometimes you do have to cut your distractions loose, but remember that if your goal is truly what you want in life, it is worth the loss sometimes. However! Listening to Netflix, videos or tv while you do a workout or draw, or cook whatever your goal is. Maybe friends are in the way? Ask if they wanna hang out then go for a walk or cook for them! If that’s your goal. You don’t always have to cut them loose, just like how life isn’t always negative there is good and positive here too, make your goals as inclusive as you need. A friend may have the same goal and empower you too keep going!

Ask for help, or research: Never forget the internet is here and there is a lot of positives and helpful content as much as there are negatives to the internet. If you cannot find it online maybe try offline! Family, friends, family-friends check around you never know who is available to help you fulfill your goals!

Recognize your accomplishments: When you do complete a minor goal or multiple minor goals don’t forget to reward yourself! If you don’t celebrate your accomplishments your goal will be much more bleak and not as fun. Activities and games are much more fun than boring goals so have some fun, reward yourself and feel free to make the reward something YOU know you would love to have as a small prize!

At the end of this all remember to have fun, enjoy your goals it will make them so much more attainable! Besides, it is so much more fun to make your goal an enjoyable experience that way they are both rewarding and successful. If it doesn’t work out don’t give up! Keep going you can always change your methodology and schedule to fit your goal and find new ways to make it a good time and a successful experience.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Stay Motivated!

  1. Nicely done & written!
    I began blogging myself in the past ffew weeks and observed that
    lot off people merly rework old ideas but addd very little of value.
    It’s great to see an informative post of some real value to your readers
    and I.
    It’s on my list of cretria I need to replicate as
    a new blogger. Visitor engagement and material value aare king.

    Manyy good suggestions; you’ve unquestionably got on my list off blogs to watch!

    Carry on thee good work!
    All the best,

    1. Thank you! Chelsea, your comment has made my day. I good luck with your blog posts, I’m sure they’re amazing:)

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