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Productive Breaks: My Experience

Productive Breaks: My Experience

As a university student, I often find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed with tests and assignments. I find that taking breaks from studying throughout the day sometimes helps boost my mood and productivity.

I have personally found that some of my favourite break activities are those which help me feel productive and keep me or my brain active in some way.

I thought that sharing some of these productive break ideas might be helpful to individuals who might resonate with my experience.

Below, I will provide a list of some of these aforementioned ideas!

  1. Zen tangling: zen tangling essentially involves doodling shapes on paper. There aren’t any rules involved, and I find that this is a great way to meditate and engage in a creative practice that doesn’t require one to be a skilled artist.
  2. Knitting/crocheting: I find that knitting and crocheting are great ways to make beautiful, useful items. And again, knitting gives me the option of making a simple scarf, or something that requires minimal skill and is quick, easy, and accessible to learn.
  3. Origami: this fun craft is something that for me helped open up a world of diverse, creative projects ranging in complexity. All this requires is a square sheet of paper. Once again, I have found that I can make interesting creations after watching quick five-minute instruction videos on this fun craft.
  4. Yoga: mindfully moving my body is something that I find immensely fun and helpful as a quick study break. Even getting up and completing a quick five-minute stretch is something that helps me feel more refreshed mentally and physically. Slowly working up to different yoga positions has also been enjoyable for me, as it feels like I am learning a useful skill that is good for both my mind and body.
  5. Self-care-kit making: this is something I particularly enjoy. I love gathering little bits and bobs from around the house that I don’t need, such as face masks, tea bags, stickers, and pens, and I decorate a card for a friend or family member. Then, I put the little items into the card, and deliver them next time I see my friend or family member. This has helped me engage in a creative activity as a study break, as well as feel good after seeing my friends happy and surprised to receive their small gift pouches.

I hope that reading this might have been helpful for someone else.

Happy studying!

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