Shielding Your Mind: First Aid to Overcome Social Media Harm

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It is evident that social media has numerous advantages, including virtual connectivity for distant families, instant communication, and fast dissemination of information and marketing campaigns. However, despite its widespread usage in the digital age, social media is not immune to its downsides, particularly the adverse impact on our mental health. Overusing social media can lead […]

Productive Breaks: My Experience

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Productive Breaks: My Experience As a university student, I often find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed with tests and assignments. I find that taking breaks from studying throughout the day sometimes helps boost my mood and productivity. I have personally found that some of my favourite break activities are those which help me feel productive […]

Keeping a Positive Mindset In Times of Difficulties

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Everyone always talks about the importance of a positive mindset, but when things get hard, it can be an increasingly challenging thing to do. Often, it is easy to slip into a spiral of negativity and focus on what’s wrong in your life, especially when you are facing a hardship. I know I tend to struggle with keeping positive thoughts consistently in my life and I am aware that many others are too. Here are some reasons as to why a positive mindset is so important and some tips that can help you maintain positivity throughout challenges life throws at you.