Pleasurable Activities: Relaxing After a Stressful Day

(Thought Catalog on Unsplash, 2018)

During stressful times, I find that I sometimes forget about the little things in life that give me pleasure. I find that reminding myself of these things, and engaging in some of my favourite pleasurable activities, is a great way to unwind after a busy day.

I find that sometimes even the act of making a pleasurable activities list helps boost my mood and motivation. Below I have included a sample:

Pleasurable activities:
1. Reading my favourite book
2. Visiting a bookstore or library
3. Zentangling/doodling
4. A hot shower
5. Making brewed green tea

I find that making this list and engaging in some of these little activities provides a great study and relaxation break during a stressful semester. I hope that this little sample serves some positive use to anyone reading this blog, who might be seeking a quick break from the hassles of daily life.

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