Boredom a Danger to Mental Illness?

As essential it is to take breaks and relax, it is just as important to be cautious of boredom. Boredom can push us right off the edge and back into our vicious cycles. You might be thinking to yourselves, how can being bored be a danger to my mental illness. Well, the majority of people with a mental illness tend to be left with idle time, which paves the way to trouble.

For those of us with anxiety, having spare time opens up the opportunity to overanalyze and worry. This is also referred to as ruminating, where we go down a loophole and ruminate about things that have had happened in the past. This is common not only amongst those who suffer from anxiety but also people with schizophrenia. During this spare time, our minds could also go to intense and dark places. Causing our susceptible minds to spiral out of control as our disturbing thoughts can manifest themselves in many ways. This could be paranoia or delusions, depression, or hallucination. Therefore, it is important to keep busy and do something when you are bored. Whatever it is that you decide to do, it does not have to be tiring it can be relaxing. Just make sure it is something that you enjoy so that you can easily lose track of time and rewind.

To keep busy, try creative hobbies, they help us stay occupied and focused on something rather than our worries. Some suggestions: Painting/ Drawing, Woodcarving, Writing, Reading, Exercising/ Playing a sport, and Decluttering/ Cleaning.

For those of us with eating disorders boredom is also dangerous. When we are bored we are more likely to turn to our old habits. Regardless of what type of eating disorder you suffer from, boredom is a crucial time. It is essential to try to keep busy and/ or remind yourself of all the processes you made, to avoid going back to old behaviours.

Boredom can be fun and harmless but for many of us, it’s a time of discipline. Keeping busy with enjoyable and relaxing activities is the safest bet to keep away from falling back into old habits.

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