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Locating mental health resources during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we often feel overwhelmed and bombarded with the feeling of loss. Losing our jobs, losing the time we can spend with friends and family, losing our chance to graduate, or even losing our loved ones. These waves of loss can continually occur over and over again until it seems too much, consequently taking a toll on our mental health. These situations are inevitable during the pandemic hence it is important to locate the services, resources, and support that you need to restore a sense of stability to your lives. Sometimes we may even feel hopeless, feeling like there will never be any chance of getting a normal life back. Just know that these feelings are valid however it is so crucial to seek for the help you need during the pandemic. Below are a list of resources that offer mental health support such as counselling, peer talking, and many more support services which can guide and aid you during the process of experiencing loss. 

Distress Centre

The distress centre offers 24 hour crisis support in Calgary where clients are able to reach out through email, daily chat, and daily text. If clients are unable to resolve an issue through the phone, the organization has professional counselling for anyone interested in one-on-one counselling. Furthermore, the services they offer are all confidential, ensuring that information is private and secured.

Calgary Counselling Centre

This organization is devoted to allowing people to thrive. This is provided through offering the best counselling services possible to clients. The Calgary Counselling Centre offers counselling services for individuals and couples, parents and families, youth, group counselling programs, adult programs, and children and youth programs. 

Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary

This organization strives to build awareness through providing education and support for those who are living with mental illness, addictions, or those who are affected by loss. The organization works very closely with groups and individuals and aims to address gaps in the mental health care system. Some services include workshops, life skills coaching, one-on-one support, and management coaching. 

Calgary Connecteen

Connecteen offers confidential peer support for any youth in the Calgary area. They have other youth on the other side of the line listen and respond to someone who just wants to talk. The services aim to provide non-judgemental listening to any youth who is having a difficult time in their life and simply just wants someone to talk to. 


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