Ways Social Media Negatively Affects Teen Mental Health

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Image by Freepik (Freepik (n.d.). Mobile notification icons between man and woman. Retrieved from https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/mobile-notification-icons-man-woman-using-cell-phone_2611196.htm) Social media has its merits: enabling global connections, providing information, and offering free entertainment. However, there’s a downside, especially for teenagers’ mental well-being. Influencers often heavily edit their photos which sets unrealistic beauty standards. This can trigger body dysmorphia and […]

Shielding Your Mind: First Aid to Overcome Social Media Harm

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It is evident that social media has numerous advantages, including virtual connectivity for distant families, instant communication, and fast dissemination of information and marketing campaigns. However, despite its widespread usage in the digital age, social media is not immune to its downsides, particularly the adverse impact on our mental health. Overusing social media can lead […]

Eating Disorder in Men & Boys

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How many men suffer from an eating disorder? We often think of females when looking at eating disorders, however, the National Association for Males with Eating Disorders estimates that 25 to 40 percent of people with all eating disorders are males. Men and boys suffer from an eating disorder as much as females do, and […]

Interview with Grace Elander

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Grace is a grade 10 student at Western Canada High School. She is involved in competitive climbing and enjoys reading and listening to music. She is speaking up about mental health because of personal experience with it, and to make a change in her community. Why is mental health awareness important to you? Mental health […]