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The Importance of Mindset: A Personal Experience

I hope that anyone reading this has been having a good week!

When the weather starts to cool down and the nights begin to get longer, I have sometimes felt a bit mellow and gloomy. In view of this, I thought that it would be nice to write a blog post about the importance of mindset/attitude to determining one’s mood, based on my own personal experience.

As a university student, sometimes I find that I struggle in a class despite working hard, attending office hours, and studying. In turn, sometimes I find that my grades do not reflect the effort that I invested into a class. At times like this, I might find it tempting to give up trying. However, if I take some time to reflect on situations like these, I realize that despite failing to obtain the result I wanted, my attempts still constitute a learning experience.

Accordingly, I can learn from my mistakes and hopefully improve my performance on the next assignment or exam. For instance, I might alter my studying strategy for an exam, or employ a different writing style for a paper. After all, if everything came quickly in life, it would be inherently boring. Part of the joys that I derive from my own life reside in the experience of learning.

I also like to remind myself of the opportunities and privileges that I have as a person who is able to attend university. I realize that many people around the world dream of being able to study and strive to achieve this goal at all costs. Gently reminding myself of this helps me practice gratitude, and allows me to feel thankful for the great opportunities that I have been offered in being able to access resources to study my favourite topic (psychology).

I think that mindset is key to how we interpret the world around us. If there is anything that psychology has taught me, it is that so much of how we experience life derives from our inner perception. Our mind has the amazing power to morph and shape all that surrounds us, almost as if the world itself exists within our heads.

I think that the following Garfield comic ( sums up this sentiment. I remember reading this comic when I was 6 years old and feeling very strange and philosophical for the rest of the day.

And on that slightly existential note, I wanted to wish everyone a cozy and wonderful rest of the fall. Happy studying to those in school or university, and to those who are not, I wish you all a great and restful rest of the week!

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