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Summer Transitional Reset – High School to College

The summer before college will be one of the longest educational breaks you will have! Take time for some self-care, mental health reset, reflection, and planning. College is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a step to being an independent adult. But honest this blog could be applied to any transitions in life

Committing to a school is the first big step but understandably it comes with more demanding responsibilities: 

  • Practicality
  • Budgeting
  • Finding onself
  • New educational goals
  • One step closer to the workforce
  • A life plan to set you up for success

In order to transition and take on these responsibilities with the fullest efforts – reflect on things you have done in high school that worked and didn’t work for you – the intersections between social, environmental, and personal developments: 

  • What made you unhappy in high school 
  • Was there a trend that you saw yourself doing 
  • Break bad habits 
  • Revisit your lowest moments 
  • Revisit your highest moments 
  • Reflect on your favorite class 
  • Make a 4-year plan 
  • Read about opportunities at your school 
  • Look into things you want to try out since universities will have a larger variety 
  • Reflecting on your mental health 
  • Put yourself first 
  • People don’t know what to do with more time, pick up new habits 
  • Spent time doing things I love 
  • Realizing that thought out high school I have been on a cycle of hard work 
  • Learning how to relax by doing the thing I love while being offline without stress 
  • I was able to read books that I wanted to, do art projects that had been pending for years, organizing, throwing away things 
  • Reevaluating people that are good and bad for my mental health  

Plan ahead for ways to approach your college journey!

  • Looking over class options
  • Looking at the resources available at the school
  • Look at clubs you may want to join
  • Deciding a brief overview of how you see the next few years of college (plans change, but everyone starts somewhere)
  • Reach out to the formal student and current students at the school you plan to go to

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