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Reset for 2021!

I think we can all kind of agree that 2020 was a year to remember for its unpredictable moments. But 2021 is a new start, whether it be the new year or just an arbitrary day to you, this is an opportunity to create change to feel like we’re starting fresh or if you’re into how astronomy plays a role in our lives – Jupiter and Saturn were aligning on December 21st which is also the Winter Solstice, and the celebration of the Yule, marking the end of a difficult year, so regardless of what your beliefs are, it’s clear that this is a time of change of renewal of new opportunities. The unknown “new” is the beginning of a new era, it may seem that we lost a year of our lives to fear and sorrow to something we never saw coming. In 2020 we saw and/or experienced disease, death, political polarization, hate, isolation, social unrest, anxiety, paranoia, loss – some of us spent time with our loved ones, some of us lost loved ones – sorrow and fear – but we had hope. That sorrow comes to an end today for our 2021 year.

2020 will not mark the end of hardship forever, there will be other great losses, maybe even other years in our lifetimes to want to hibernate, but there will always be hurdles again, it is to acknowledge it despite everything that happened that we are still here, that is not to say that those who did not survive were any weaker, life has its destiny. What comes with death is always also the birth of an alternate universe, but also in our universe the polar opposite occurs – a regenerative effect of loss. In 2021, we will wake up reborn again, finding something concrete to help reset your mental, physical, spiritual, holistic health this New Year.  

Here are some things I am doing to reflect and start 2021 better:

#1 Make a list of everything you learned this year about yourself, about others, about the world, about worldly things. We cannot move forward unless we reflect on the mistakes we’ve made, things that we learned that lead to our triumph, and how we are different this year from this time last year. Also, if you could sum up this year in what worse what would it be?

Some examples could be: 

  • I learned that I don’t need fancy events cute clothes or makeup to be happy, I am just as happy being in my pajamas with a bare face. 
  • I learned how to handle tons of hate 
  • I learned how to diversify my workouts
  • I learned how to manage my emotions better
  • I learned to be confident and reach out to people
  • Busy
  • Productive
  • Etc. 

#2 Make a list of all the major events in your life that marked a rite of passage or a significant transition – something that changed and led to your development, it does not have to be something life-shattering or traumatic. Encompassing your life holistically – something that strips us of a layer of growth, a skill that has been solidified to move on, implementing those solidified new skills that come naturally to us to the new year. 

Without change, we cannot renew ourselves, we need to shed a part of us that no longer serves us – it is easier said than done – it is necessary to grant ourselves a rite of passage. 


  • Friendships come and go, as we may outgrow them, grow in a separate direction, they are not meant to be permanent in some cases, it is important that our relationships change, marking the development of growth and change in our identities and consciousness. 

#3 Setting New Year’s Resolutions/Intensions by breaking them down into categories (5-7 per category) and be as specific as possible:

  • Passion/Hobbies
  • Personality
  • Spiritual Health
  • Physical Health 

One way to get started is to think about who you were a year ago, where do you see yourself a year from now, what would you need to do to achieve that version of yourself?

The mindset of scarcity is what is holding us back, living life with intention gives you a subconscious inner motivation to act upon and produce those desires. If you want something – act like it, you can do more than you think your limits are – being mindful. 

This process needs to be constant and active so give yourself a daily reminder of the things you want to achieve. 

Other templates to approach resetting your life: 

  • Hardest moment(s( of 2020…
  • Beautiful moment(s) of 2020…
  • Lesson(s) I learned in 2020 that will help me in the new year…
  • Emotions I want to experience more of in 2021…
  • Something I intended to do to care for myself better in 2021… 

In short: 

  • Reflect on what you’ve learned this year
  • How you’ve changed this year and what were those specific moments that caused these changes – the outcomes
  • Categorical goal setting 

This is how I plan to reset my life this year! I hope you find this helpful and let’s conquer 2021 in health and solidarity.