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Halloween For Introverts

How Halloween can still be fun in 2020.

2020 hasn’t been very fun for a lot of people. For me it sucks to not be around the ones I love and having to wear a mask, but if you’re an introvert (like me) some of this might be a positive. For example not having people up in your space when you go to the stores for your monthly groceries, or being highly encouraged to stay home and not going outside. For me that part is heaven. 

However Halloween is on the horizon and although I like going out trick or treating (even if I am 20) I would rather stay in this year. So I created a list of things that introverts or just people that don’t want to “risk it for the biscuit” can still have some spooky fun on Halloween night.

  1. Movie night in a costume. GO WILD! or not at all, either way buy a costume or reuse one from a previous year or make one. Then sit with a snack and binge some classic Halloween movies.
  2. Potluck for one please! You can invite people… but if you can’t *cough* don’t want to *cough* invite people just think about that one thing you either bring to potlucks or would bring to one. Then make it and enjoy it yourself! Plus you don’t have to worry about anyone not liking it!
  3. Pumpkin carving competition (don’t do it if you’re going to be under the influence!) This one is important if you’re like me and love to carve pumpkins. GO out, get a pumpkin then get a prize (snack like a bag of chips, bar, vodka (only if of age!!!) etc.) Then pick out what you want to carve then get to it! The best part is it’s only you so there can only be one winner! (I mean you can invite people, but…that’s up to you.)
  4. Candy and Chill (the best option in my opinion) This option is pretty much get some candy (your favourite) and pig out! DO whatever you want!! Watch Youtube or TikTok all night! Got friends, Zoom them and have a chill session. Don’t have friends, that’s ok! Chill out with yourself! I always say that yourself is the best person to talk to anyway!
  5. COLOURING IS FOR EVERYONE!! Hey do like colouring but people tell you that it’s only for children? Well this is Halloween and you should ignore them because you’re an adult or young adult or teen who knows, and who cares! It’s your life and your Halloween so go print/ buy some colouring books and some crayons, paint, and or markers and have yourself a good time!
  6. Mummification Now I am not talking about pulling your brain through your nose like the Egyptians did. I am talking something a little more fun! Something along the lines of wrapping yourself in a blanket and doing a number 1,2,4 or 9 with it. Never forget number 10!  
  7. Inside trick or treating I think this could be fun if you have siblings or a few friends over. The premise is to make up treat bags or just put some candy at each door in the house and have someone there. For example you go and knock on the bathroom door and one of your friends gives you some candy. Or you could make a fun scavenger hunt/ treasure hunt to find a huge stash of candy! (You can also do it yourself then you get all the candy and don’t have to share.)
  8. MAKE SOMETHING!! There is a special place called the “internet” with hundreds of ideas, recipes, and crafts. So go and explore, have some fun, make some candy apples, or shots( IF OF AGE!) or something you might want to try! It’s always a fun experience no matter who you are.  
  9. Listen to some ambiance!! Go onto Spotify or Youtube or hit up a shop and purchase some sPoOkY music. Go about your day doing whatever you do, but always remember it’s only a matter of time till all you can hear is Mirah carey singing about ‘all she wants for christmas is you’. So enjoy some sPoOkInEsS while it’s still here. 
  10. Just have fun! Even if 2020 sucks. Even if this year for you and your family/ friends just remember Halloween is still a time to be able to celebrate and have a good time! Halloween is a fun time for a lot of people so don’t get bummed out by not able to go trick or treating, or that you have to wear a mask, etc. Just enjoy it while it’s here and eat some candy or try something new or colour and watch movies ALL NIGHT LONG! (As long as your parents allow it.)

In summary mummification is weird, Halloween is fun, and you don’t have to be a child to have some spooky fun. So stay in this Halloween and do some, or all of the things on this list alone or together! Whatever you decide to do, don’t let 2020 get you down. It’s not all that bad and it could always be worse.  

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