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Coping With Mental Health During Isolation

This self-isolation period has had mixed results for everyone involved. Ones that dread social interaction were relieved, and others that thrive on it “were crushed.” 

I’m in the center, naturally introverted but rely on the few social outings I have per year to keep myself going. 

School was my escape from home, a place where I can truly be myself. My friends would distract me, keep me from getting lost in my head. Many of the things that I was excited for, events that were the only thing keeping me going at times, have been cancelled for this year. And since being at home I’ve had mood drops a lot more frequently, as I don’t have much to distract me anymore.

But I’m trying my best to cope. And slowly but surely I’m changing my mindset. “If events are cancelled for this year, it just means I have more to look forward to next year.” “This time with my mother can strengthen our relationship.” Things of that nature. 

The things that are helping me the most are:

  • learning a new language/building on ones I already know
  • working on a webtoon/working on a new art project
  • drawing
  • reading manga 
  • playing video games
  • journaling
  • going for walks
  • photography

And when school starts again, I’ll continue to make my school notes pleasing to the eye, and journal my assignments.  

This isolation has been hard on me. It’s been hard for all of us. But I know that we’ll find a way to pull through. 

In short: no matter your feelings on the quarantine, be sure to be in touch with your health, mentally and physically. Take up a new hobby, keep up with friends, whatever you have to to keep yourself occupied. And remember to wash your hands!