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I Did Not Expect to Meet Depression

I thought I had an understanding of depression from my friends who shared their stories with me. I thought my past hardships would equip me with the skills to handle it and move past it. 

But when it hit, it rolled in quick. 

I had no idea and I was not equipped. 

When I look back, I realize I was very numb and was going through my life thinking that what I was feeling was normal. I later learned from my doctor that this was called normalize. You normalize how you are feeling thinking that everyone feels that way. 

Today I am still healing. Today others are still healing. 

There are so many that are still fighting in their minds. 
There are so many that are smiling to hide the hurt. 
There are so many that are wearing a mask for the world. 

And that is why depression is so dangerous, you cannot see symptoms. 

We need to talk about it more. Share our stories so it will give courage to others suffering to find the help they need. People are still uncomfortable. I am still uncomfortable. 

Admitting my real symptoms to my doctor I thought I would feel worse than I did, worthless and weak. But that day I went to the doctor and told her I needed help, I felt more human. 

The day I asked for help is also the day I felt the strongest. Acknowledging that my feelings were hurting me so much inside and I needed help. 

Meeting depression has changed my life. It has made me feel more human than ever. 

When I look at the world now, I view it with more openness, empathy and intention. 

I give myself more love than I ever did. 

What are my takeaways from my journey so far? 

  1. Have patience for yourself and others

    You may not feel better right away or for a very long time but thinking like that will be an obstacle for your healing. Be patient with yourself and working on techniques to get better. Have patience for others because you do not know what they are going through, they could be fighting the biggest battle in their head. 

  2. You are not a burden

    Reach out to the people that care for you in your life because they love you and want to make sure you are okay. As much as you think you maybe a burden you are not! 

Remember you are not alone in the fight and you have to just take it one day at a time. Be patient with yourself and others because depression is not a quick fix. And confide in the people you trust that you need help because you would do the same if they needed help. 

Ultimately we have to be kind to others and ourselves, we do not know what kind of war they are finding in their minds. 

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