A Glimpse into what Therapy Sessions may look like: Beginning, middle, future mental health goals.🔎

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For your first therapy session, some questions your therapist may ask you are: Why are you here, seeking therapy? What were your previous experiences with therapy, whether it may be participating in therapy or other methods you have tried for self-help (meditation, journaling, etc) Is there any family history (immediate family member(s)) who have had […]

Don’t Be Afraid Of Who You Are

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Many people go through their lives hating and repressing themselves. They blame it on themselves, their situation, their environment, their past or specific people who are or were in their life. I myself have even given in to self hate, almost everyone does. However, this does not mean you have to choose to continue living […]

Boredom a Danger to Mental Illness?

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As essential it is to take breaks and relax, it is just as important to be cautious of boredom. Boredom can push us right off the edge and back into our vicious cycles. You might be thinking to yourselves, how can being bored be a danger to my mental illness. Well, the majority of people with […]