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I wrote this poem about the thoughts that I had and continue to struggle with when I think about getting help for mental illness. I wrote this thinking about all the stories I’ve heard where people don’t think a therapist will help. This poem is a manifestation of my experiences and the testimonies of the people around me.


My mind is full of self doubt 

Doubt if I can do it

If I can succeed in a world where all the cards are stacked against me

Somehow I get back up

Back up on my feet

People say “Just stop worrying”

And I would if I could

But it’s not up to me

And believe me when I say

When you find someone who listens 

Not judging you for the chemical imbalance of your mind

It means more than you can imagine 

To be heard

To be seen as you are not what they think you are

In a world that says to not talk about it

In a world that says that you’re alone 

Don’t believe it

In a world so dark 

Be the light

In a world that says suppress your emotions if you want to be a success

Show them you don’t need to change

In a world that says you shouldn’t be different

Dare to step outside the box

Dare to be different 

And until this happens

The stigma won’t fall