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A Guide to Exploring Safely as a Young Teen, Finding Balance

I find an issue that’s often overlooked is the struggle to find balance as a teenager. Growing up I’ve always been the responsible one. The one thinking about what consequences would come out of what actions. I was always praised for my good behavior by the adults in my life but it left me feeling lonely and left out on all the new experiences my friends were having. We’re not taught how to explore safely, instead, we’re expected to not explore, through trial and error I found this balance and maybe I can help you. There are a few very key things to keep in mind, 1st of which being boundaries.

It’s SO very important to establish your boundaries before going out or just in general. They help guide you safely through the teen years, whether you were invited somewhere or you find yourself in a situation new to you. Peer pressure is everywhere, but you have to be strong enough to withstand it. Confidence truly is key, when being asked to do something you’re not comfortable with. No one questions a confident person, they often even respect you more for having a strong sense of self. This leads us to our next point which has to do with independence.

One day I was invited out by my friends to go to this small get together. I knew there would be drinking at the party and I had no way to ensure my ride wasn’t drinking. In this situation, I kept enough money on me for a cab to ensure I had a safe way home. I also encouraged others to do the same. It’s very important to have that independence so you don’t find yourself stuck in a bad situation. I would say always have a backup plan that way if you ever feel uncomfortable you have options.

One last very crucial step to keep you safe is to make sure someone knows where you are. I definitely advise this person is your parent however at the very least make sure a trusted adult or friend knows where you are. It’s always a good idea to have someone expecting your call to make sure you got home safe and sound.

These are such exciting years, you’ll having so much fun and make so many memories. Just remember to keep yourself safe and have fun.

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